Welcome to This site is brought to you by a few people who have first-hand experience in the airline industry. It is this experience that led us to realize how little most travellers understand about what happens to their checked-in luggage once it disappears from view behind the check-in counter. Your luggage is at risk from thieves, smugglers and damage caused by baggage handling equipment or personnel. It is hair-raising! You read all about it on our main page.

Our lead writer is an Airport Inspector. To protect his privacy, we will not mention in which country or what airports he has worked. It was his job to go out to airports and observe security issues. This experience makes him uniquely suited to know what the risks are and how to best prevent them from happening to you (or your luggage).

It is quite easy to protect yourself from these risks but the first step is understanding what you are up against. That is the main reason or purpose behind this website. There are so many different types of luggage out there. They are all different shapes and sizes but only a small percentage provide the protection that you should be looking for.

We think that you deserve to know what happens and how you can protect yourself against everything from damaged to your belongings to theft of your personal property and even possible prison time from being made an unwitting mule for smugglers!

Beware of uninformed luggage sites who are just out to make a quick buck - they have no idea what goes on behind the scenes at an airport. We do.

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