Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Hard Shell Spinner Suitcase

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Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Hard Shell Spinner Suitcase
Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Hard Shell Suitcase Black
Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Hard Shell Suitcase Silver
Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Hard Shell Suitcase Blue
Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Hard Shell Suitcase Wine Red
Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Hard Shell Suitcase

Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Spinner Suitcase

We have noticed that many of our readers have been buying this exact suitcase so we thought we had better look into it.

Coolife Luggage is an American company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have been in business since 1999 and have a reputation for making quality luggage at very affordable prices.

The Coolife Luggage Aluminum Frame suitcase has all the features of a high-end suitcase but at a very budget price. How can their do this? Their products are manufactured in China - that's how they can keep their prices so low. The Aluminum Frame suitcase is priced much lower than comparable cases from other larger brands. They also save money by retailing almost entirely through Amazon so they save even more money on distribution. You can purchase some of their products through their website but they do charge additional shipping. And beware, the products sold through their website are not exactly the same as what they sell on Amazon. They may look the same but they are not.

What is so great about this suitcase? We think that you have been buying this suitcase because the price versus what you get ratio is so high. You can get an fully lined, polycarbonate aluminum framed suitcase for around one hundred dollars! The carry-on is currently $90 on Amazon and the largest case (28") is only $139!

The interior is fully lined and has pockets and dividers just like a luxury brand suitcase. Coolife also uses a brushed and grinding finishing process on their polycarbonate shells that provide a much longer-lasting finish and shining appearance. These finishing processes also reduce the chance of the exterior protective film being peeled off.

The locking and latching mechanism look very similar to an old style American Tourister with a central TSA lock mounted into the aluminum frame. This lock activates twin latches located in the frame.

What makes the Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame a Safe Suitcase?

The Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame suitcase has the three main features that we look for in a really safe suitcase. The polycarbonate shells coupled with the aluminum frame provide strength and flexibility. The two-point integrated latching system ensures that the case stays closed even under force. The tongue-and-groove with locking latch system is far superior to zippers for keeping "bad guys" out of your suitcase. You can feel very secure that once you check this bag in, the contents are safe from damage, thieves and smugglers.

Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Details:

  • Available in three sizes: 20" (carry-on), 24" (checked) and 28" (checked)
    • 20" (carry-on) weight/dimensions/volume: 6.38lb | 21" x 15" x 8.5" | 38L
    • 24" weight/dimensions/volume: 7.89lb | 24.5" x 17" x 10" | 60L
    • 28" weight/dimensions/volume: 10.88lb | 29" x 20.5" x 11" | 93L
  • Available in four colors: Black, Silver, Blue and Wine Red
  • 100% Germany Bayer Polycarbonate shell (strong, puncture resistant and rain proof)
  • Shell sealed with rain proof rubber gasket
  • One recessed TSA approved combination lock
  • 360 degree aluminum frame
  • Central locking latch system embedded into aluminum frame
  • 3-step fully recessed dual tube 100% aluminum handle with positive push button release
  • Fully lined interior (nylon)
  • Two zippered mesh pockets and elastic cross-straps to keep your belongings in place
  • Top and side easy grip textured handles
  • Protective bumper corners
  • Four dual rubber coated spinner wheels for extra quiet movement
  • 3-year world-wide warranty

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