Samsonite Framelock Hard Shell Spinner Suitcase

Samsonite Framelock Hard Shell Spinner Suitcase
Samsonite Framelock Hard Shell Suitcase Blue
Samsonite Framelock Hard Shell Suitcase Gray
Samsonite Framelock Hard Shell Suitcase Red
Samsonite Framelock Spinner Suitcase

The Samsonite Framelock is another great safe suitcase from our friends at Samsonite. This suitcase just increases our love of the Samsonite brand. Their consistently updated designs of safe suitcases are very impressive and more luggage manufactures should pay attention to what they are doing.

The Samsonite Framelock is the next in a long line of security-minded suitcases. The exterior shells are made from polycarbonate that has been corrugated and shaped into an attractive pattern that provides extra strength and rigidity to the sides. These shells also provide superior protection against rain, snow and dirt keeping your clothes clean and dry.

Why do we like this suitcase so much? The Framelock is a good looking, light weight and very secure piece of luggage. Like most Samsonite hard shell suitcases, the Framelock satisfies all of our security requirements. As stated earlier, the hard side shell is a must for any truly safe suitcase. The unique three-point closing system is an unusual departure for a Samsonite suitcase in that the side latches are composed completely of metal and mounted on the front of the case. These are typically made from plastic and located on the sides of the case. At the same time, the all metal recessed TSA compliant lock is mounted into the aluminum frame. All things combined, this closing mechanism is very robust and provides excellent protect from thieves and tampering in general.

Overall, this case is very similar to the Samsonite Cruisair and the Samsonite Tru-Frame lines in that they all employ a metal frame and feature the use of more metal components.

This case packs the many of the features of a more expensive brand like its fully lined interior, metal components and enhanced locking mechanism. The interior lining system contains multiple zippered pockets (one is a mesh pocket) for keeping your smaller item organized and in sight.

What makes the Samsonite Framelock a Safe Suitcase?

The Samsonite Framelock suitcase has the three main features that we look for in a really safe suitcase. 1) Hard side shells; 2) No zippers (uses clamps) and 3) Tongue and groove frame surround. These features are key to keeping your belongings safe. The three-point latching system ensures that the case stays closed even under force. The tongue-and-groove with locking latch system is far superior to zippers for keeping "bad guys" out of your suitcase. Another great security feature are the dual riveted hinges are strong and tamper-resistant. You can feel very secure that once you check this bag in, the contents are safe from damage, thieves and smugglers.

Samsonite Framelock Details:

  • 100% ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) corrugated shells (strong, scratch-resistant and rain proof)
  • Aluminum tongue and groove frame
  • Available in three sizes: 20" (carry-on), 25" and 29" (checked)
    • 20" (carry-on) weight/dimensions: 8.1 lbs | 20.25" x 14.6" x 9.5"
    • 25" weight/dimensions: 10.8 lbs | 24.5" x 17.25" x 11.4"
    • 28" weight/dimensions: 12.2 lbs | 28.3" x 21.4" x 13.4"
  • Available in three colors: Dark Gray, Ice Blue and Cordovan (Red)
  • One recessed TSA approved combination lock mounted in the frame
  • Three latch closing system with dual front-mounted all metal latches
  • Fully lined interior with multiple zippered organizing pockets
  • Elastic cross-straps to keep your belongings in place
  • Retractable fully recessed dual tube corrugated handle with positive push button release and textured handles
  • Top and side spring loaded handles
  • Four dual spinner wheels for extra quiet operation
  • Limited 10 years Global Warranty

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